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Did you know? The liver can impact your emotions.

The liver and the gallbladder work together. Once your liver is cleaner, the paired organ gallbladder has an easier time secreting bile, which is a very important substance to regulate digestive function.

A cleaner liver allows you to have more balanced emotions. It will allow you to not ‘be stuck’ emotionally. It helps you have just the right amount of anger to keep things moving, without being aggressive.

Consequently, the gallbladder will be happier and you’ll be able to make decisions more easily.

How do I help keep my liver clean?

I love Livco*. I recommend it as part of my detox/ cleanse program. I will take a couple if I have a glass of wine to protect my liver. It’s super effective in reducing high enzymes and in cases of hemochromatosis. Recently, I added it to my vaccination protocol. Order Now

Does it matter when I detox/ cleanse my liver?

Springtime is the best time to pay attention to your liver needs. The cleaner your liver is in the springtime, the better for you the rest of the year. This gives your liver more time for a strong renewal, and its ability to plant seeds for changes in one’s life.

Are other organs connected to emotions?

In traditional Chinese medicine emotions and physical health are connected. This integrated mind-body approach to health and healing operates in a loop where emotions impact the health of the body and vice versa.

Traditional Chinese medicine narrows down emotions to five basic feelings that are each associated with an organ in the body

  • Anger is associated with the liver.
  • Fear is associated with the kidney.
  • Joy is associated with the heart.
  • Sadness and grief are associated with the lung.
  • Worry is associated with the spleen.

Contact me for a consultation to learn how acupuncture and clincial nutrition can help.

Emotion & Organ Connection










*Contraindications for Livco -do not use if you are pregnant, lactating, or on certain drugs like HIV meds. If you have more questions, please contact me.

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Let’s Talk about the Covid19 Vaccine

Learn how to minimize your side effects and boost your immune system

My experience.

I was grateful to be able to receive the Covid19 Pfizer vaccines and wanted to share some of my experiences with you. I was actually apprehensive and excited at the same time.

I once had an extreme allergic reaction to an injection and some of my family members have also had negative reactions to other vaccines. In this case, the benefits of the vaccine far outweighed the risks of COVID for myself and others. I got the shot as soon as I was allowed.

I followed two protocols to minimize the side effects of the Covid19 vaccine by:

  • Supporting the immune systems’ response to vaccination
  • Promoting Liver detoxification

I did really fantastic! The only side effect I had was a slightly sore arm from the shots. I attribute this to the supplements protocol that I took.

Minimize side effects and boost your immune system.

I have since prescribed the protocol to at least 25 people who got the Covid19 vaccine and everyone did very well. Only one person had a fever for less than a day. (She is vegetarian and could not take one of the important supplements.) I am very excited about this and will share more details soon.

Using supplements, you can minimize side effects, boost your immune system and limit any downtime.

Covid19 Vaccination Client testimonials.

“My husband and I are both benefiting from Joelle’s vaccination support protocol. We ran out of one item and quickly became quite tired; my husband took a three-hour ‘nap’ two days after we ran out. Once we were back on the protocol all was well. I highly recommend this supportive herbal treatment!” 

“I am an 85-year-old woman with autoimmune arthritis and a suppressed immune system.  I am so happy to have had Joelle’s advice on minimizing COVID vaccine side effects.  I followed the full comprehensive protocol and did very well after both of my Moderna vaccinations.  My only symptom was redness at the injection site that lasted a day or so following the second dose.  I know of many who had side effects (some that have lasted weeks) and am so happy that it went so well.  Thank you Joelle!”

“I am an 87-year-old man who was caught by surprise with GI symptoms and fatigue after my first Moderna vaccine.  I was able to follow Joelle’s comprehensive protocol for the second dose and did not have any side effects at all.  Thank you for your expertise Joelle!”

I have worked with Joelle for years after a flu vaccine-related injury and was quite nervous about getting the COVID vaccine.  I knew that I wanted to get it for myself and others but felt especially vulnerable.  The comprehensive protocol helped me to feel confident and well supported!  And I had no trouble other than some mild soreness at the injection site with the first dose and feel good going into the second dose next week.  Thank you so much Joelle for giving me these tools to help me and my family!”

Learn more about limiting Covid19 vaccine side effects.

A lot of people really need and want the vaccine but have concerns about their reaction. While it is true that many people do not have much of a reaction to the vaccine, there are others who do.

Many people are concerned because they have underlying conditions with a weak immune system. Others because they had COVID in the past and are uncertain whether one or two shots is the right approach and/or worry that they will have a stronger reaction than other people to the vaccine.

Please text me at 415-385-4141 if you want to pick up a pre-made pack from my office or if you want me to send one to your friends or family. 

More information on the Covid19 Vaccine:

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