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Herbology is a key modality utilized in traditional Chinese medicine.

Whole food-based nutrition – just as nature intended.

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Why us

35 years of experience and extensive education

Here to co-create with you a new medical model that I call the “no bad side effects model” or more precisely the “good side effects model” where what you are given to heal can give you more health benefit than what you were looking for! 

Our mission

Dreaming and creating a world where people understand that they can trust the “no side effect” medicine or more specifically the medicine with “positive side effects”.

All about Clinical Nutrition

What is Clinical Nutrition?

We have found that together with acupuncture, the addition of traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies and Whole Food Supplements supports and solidifies the acupuncture treatment. We expect fast and long acting results. Adding a regimen of supplements prolongs the effect of the acupuncture treatment. We use only food based supplements manufactured in the United States and highly regulated.

What are Chinese Herbs and what is Herbal Therapy?

Herbology is a key modality utilized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has been developed over centuries, and practitioners require substantial experience and knowledge. A practitioner will create a decocted brew from the ingredients of plants, animals and minerals. The remedy is designed to target a specific illness and also interact with and enhance a patient’s yin and yang state, and is therefore highly personalized. Additional ingredients may be added as a catalyst, or to cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients. Critical to the success of the remedy is the balance and interaction of all the ingredients within the systems of the individual. Some well-known herbs used in Chinese herbology are ginseng, cinnamon, ginger, licorice and salvia.


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